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    arschlesinger - 2003-10-01 18:31   -   ScriptOE
Hello, finally. Now it is almost 3 months after my last post. I have been back from that vacation for some time now. I have started school, so I have not worked on this project for some time. Sorry. I have not ditched this project, but I will not have any time to work on it at all, and I won't have much time for at least six more months. That does not mean that others can't help me with this project.
arschlesinger going on vacation, again
    arschlesinger - 2003-08-03 09:57   -   ScriptOE
Hello again!
arschlesinger is back
    arschlesinger - 2003-07-25 15:26   -   ScriptOE
Hello Again!

I, arschlesinger, am back from my 16-day trip to Washington State, USA. It was a lot of fun for me, as I saw some of the famous peaks that many people around the world may have heard of, like Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, or Mt. Hood.

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